Thursday, 18 August 2011

What Is The Purpose Of Life?

Introduction: What Is The Purpose Of Life?

"What Is the Purpose Of Life?" is a million dollar question that everyone at one point of their life has asked. 

Everyone is struggling to attain happiness and avoid misfortune. From the common place affairs of individuals to the great events that shape the course of history, each is at root an expression of the human aspiration for ever greater happiness. How, then, does happiness arise? How can one achieve success and true lasting happiness? This opening paragraph is like an appetizer to all. So, please read on.

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I am Alexander and I am pleased and honored to serve you as your mentor.  Having said that, however, I would not be giving you all answers to your questions as all solutions can be found in these presentations called ~ God's Original Divine Principle. I am blessed in marriage to a lovely wife and have three wonderful children. Thanks to these Principles, I have found answers to my searches. I have been living a very fulfilling life, filled with hope, love and happiness. These Principles have helped me and my family tremendously in facing and overcoming many challenges in life, rain or shine. These Principles have impacted my lives as they have helped many thousands of people from all walks of life locally and around the world. With this happy note, we would like to share our happiness and blessings with you and your loved ones.

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